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Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party2 weeks ago
We've compiled some resources to help you get both health and community assistance. If you or anyone you know needs help reaching the right people, please do get in touch.

The Labour Party has a proud tradition of acting together as a community, particularly during times of difficulty. This is no different.

Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party2 months ago
"If Labour is ever to win another election, the new Party leader needs to come out positively on the side of the 5 million leaseholders in England and Wales" - read this from our very own Dermot McKibbin

Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party4 months ago
Tough night for us nationally but locally we fought inspiring campaigns led by Marina Ahmad, Simon Jeal and Angela Wilkins.

Hundreds of activists have taken our message across the borough (many for the first time) and the future of Labour in Bromley is bright 🌹
Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party4 months ago
Result in Beckenham:

Lab 13,024
Grn 2,055
LD 8,194
Con 27,282

Thank you to the 13,024 of you who voted for real change in Beckenham
Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party4 months ago
People of Beckenham: Tories are voting right now!

Bob Stewart is relying on you staying at home and not voting. Together let's go out and vote Labour for real change in Beckenham.

You have until 10pm tonight. You don't need your polling card and don't need ID.
Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party4 months ago
The polls are now open! Today is the day we go out a vote for real change. You have until 10pm tonight to make sure your voice is heard.

Find your local polling station here: https://action.labour.org.uk/page/content/polling-station-finder


2 hours ago
Coronavirus is a national emergency. Labour will be constructive in its response, supportive of the government where it is right to do so but will ask the difficult questions.

Our purpose when we do that is to save lives and protect our country. #Marr https://t.co/s5ffviGvXc
2 hours ago
It’s a real honour to be tasked with leading Labour’s foreign policy response in these difficult times. Thank you @Keir_Starmer for the opportunity to serve https://t.co/WfgeGEq3WW
2 hours ago
We’re in midst of an unprecedented global health crisis and we must all play our part in helping country & our constituents get through this.

Our NHS & care staff are responding brilliantly & have my total support.

Its an honour to continue as Labour’s shadow health secretary.
2 hours ago
I’m delighted to have been appointed as Shadow Chancellor by the new leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer. Many thanks to my friend John McDonnell for his determined and passionate leadership as the previous Shadow Chancellor, & to his excellent staff 1/2
5 days ago
Yes, Bob Stewart has changed his FB post. But didn’t he realise how harmful this casual racism is? Can’t he make the connection between this kind of comment and the increased racist attacks against Chinese communities? Shocking. Beckenham deserves better. https://t.co/iRIhUh92OB BeckenhamLabour photo
6 days ago
Trading Standards warn to beware of Coronavirus scams – be careful and remain vigilant https://t.co/OQpgbOspRd