About Us

We are the Labour Party for the Beckenham Parliamentary Constituency.

The constituency is made up of six wards and is located  within the London Borough of Bromley:

Labour are the official opposition here in Beckenham. We’re closing the gap. If you don’t want the Tories here in Beckenham, your only option is to vote Labour:


Bromley Council
Next elections: 2022
Political shape: Conservative 50; Labour 8; Independent: 2

Bromley council has an unwelcome reputation of being one of most reactionary local authorities in Britain. 

This hands off management is a disaster. Residents are already realising they have no direct contact to the service supplier and no co-ordination between services.

Access to a sympathetic councillor has never been more important and a challenge to Tory domination more vital.

We have a genuine change to elect Labour councillors here in Beckenham. Copers Cope and Kelsey & Eden Park are fast becoming marginals. With your help, residents in these areas could enjoy being represented by Labour councillors in 2022.


Labour Policy
We can disregard the right wing media. There is no division in the Labour Party over policy. We reject growing inequality and the underfunding of our public services including the NHS and education. We will rebuild our manufacturing base by providing Industry with the finance it needs.