Coronavirus: Acting Together During This Crisis

The Labour Party has a proud history of acting together as a community, particularly during times of stress and difficulty. We are sure you are grateful to our key workers, both within and outside of the NHS, for the work they are doing. Below are some links to national and local information regarding health and community assistance.

Health and functional information 
Support for vulnerable people in the local Community

Across the country there are established Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK Groups. Their details are on their website here, Facebook here and Twitter here. Local Party members might want to join one of their local groups to work with others in the community to help vulnerable residents and those who are self isolating. Bromley Council has set up a volunteering process to assist people during the COVID-19 health emergency which you can join by filling out an online application form

Support for vulnerable local Party Members

Members have already contacted me to say they are in touch with various older and vulnerable members they know. This may be good to organise at local branch level so branch officers and members may want to think about who needs help and support. Those members who feel vulnerable should contact their branch officers or the local COVID 19 Mutual Aid which can be found here

Get in Touch

If you need any help at all please do get in touch with us and we will do what we can to help.