Local Elections 2022

A Positive Vision for Beckenham

Local Elections are taking place across Bromley in May 2022. Here in Beckenham, we have set out our priorities:

1. Covid recovery: Support for care homes to keep the elderly and vulnerable safe. Funding for local businesses and investment in our High Street.

2. Road safety: Prioritise road safety – demand safe crossings and speed restrictions near schools and other high-risk residential areas.

3. Schools: Defend funding – support our children, oppose all education cuts.

4. Air quality: Work closely with the Mayor of London to improve air quality in our borough.

5. Support for homeowners and renters: Fight to end no-fault evictions. Work with housing associations and the Mayor of London to build genuinely affordable homes. Oppose planning applications that ignore local concerns.

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What do you think our priorities should be? Get in touch and tell us: