Beckenham & Penge

Back to the future

Labour gained four more councillors in Bromley in the May 2022 elections. Two in St. Pauls Cray and two in Plaistow on the Lewisham border. This means that Labour remain the main opposition to Bromley Tories and now have twelve councillors, the highest number since 1978.

Parliamentary Constituency boundary changes mean that the pre 2010, Beckenham seat, will be revived as Beckenham & Penge. This comprises of the wards of Crystal Palace and Anerley, Clock House, Penge and Cator, West Wickham, Shortlands and Park Langley, Kelsey and Eden Park and Beckenham Town and Copers Cope. Prior to 1997, the notional Tory majority in the seat was over 22,000. According to Electoral Calculus, there is now a predicted Labour majority. Quite a turnaround!