GE 2017: 64% Vote Increase

Beckenham Labour

We want to thank the people of Beckenham for the warm reception given to our General Election campaign.

A special thank you to the 15,545 who voted for Marina Ahmad, our candidate. Marina gained 6,061 new voters in just two years.

Labour is the party challenging the Tories in Beckenham.

Together we stopped:

  • The Tories’ Dementia Tax
  • New selective grammar schools
  • The return of fox hunting

Together we saved:

  • Pensions triple lock
  • Winter fuel allowances
  • Infants’ school meals

“The next general election cannot come soon enough. We are ready.”
Marina Ahmad

Tory Bromley Right Now:

  • Children’s services “Inadequate”
  • Adult education “Requires Improvement”
  • 1,438 homeless households in temporary accommodation – a 300% rise since 2010

Tory Britain Right Now:

  • Schools: budget crises continues, no new money – teaching jobs axed
  • Pay cap cuts emergency workers’ incomes
  • NHS funding share of the economy suffers largest sustained fall ever.
  • Nursing recruitment crisis
  • Young couples leave university with £114,000 debts