Marie’s Pledges to You

Beckenham Labour

Marie Bardsley and Beckenham Labour’s pledges to you if elected to the council chamber.

  1. Hold regular surgeries to hear your concerns and attend local meetings

Your vote is taken for granted by your Tory councillors. Unlike your Tory councillors, Marie will hold regular surgeries.  Unlike your Tory councillors, Marie will respond if you make contact. At the recent West Beckenham Residents’ Association meeting, there were complaints that none of the Tory councillors had attended for a few years. Marie believes that residents’  voices are the most important when discussing local issues. She will attend community meetings and will actively seek your views on community matters. Marie is the only local candidate living in the heart of the ward where her family have lived for over 40 years. Your issues are her issues.


  1. Challenge the cuts to our schools, welfare and public services and demand Bromley Tory Council fights our corner and stands up for residents

These cuts are based on policies made during the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition government and are affecting our children, our elderly, our public and welfare services at this moment. With a loss of over 20,000 officers nationally since 2010, our local police service is under resourced and overstretched.   Every school in Kelsey and Eden Park is facing cuts that will mean the loss of teachers, larger class sizes and parents having to provide essential school equipment. Bromley Tory Council is not fighting for Bromley residents. Marie will ensure that your council fights your corner and not just roll over and let these cuts happen to you and your family. The Lib  Dems cannot speak out against these shameful cuts because they agreed to them in the first place. For real change, vote for Marie Bardsley.


  1. Tackle the growing local problem of youth crime in the ward

The causes of crime are complex, and years in the making. Cuts to the youth services, family centres and Sure Start have led to a growing problem of youth crime in the ward. Marie will promote the activities we know prevent youth crime.

Youth violence and gang crime is a growing issue across Bromley. Inspired by successes in Strathclyde tackling youth violence takes a public health approach. Public Heath is the remit of local Councils. Bromley council needs to work together with schools, police, the health service and community groups to address issues like poverty, mental health, social exclusion and lack of opportunity: to invest in community youth projects, youth workers, and a dedicated violent crime taskforce.



  1. Fight for road safety across the ward for our school children and vulnerable people, supporting Bromley Labour councillors who have ensured a borough road safety review, campaigning for safe crossings on all dangerous roads not just one or two.

Data obtained by 20s Plenty from Transport for London reveals that Bromley’s ‘unclassified’ (ie. residential) roads are the highest risk in London. Bromley Tories insist we have the safest roads and refuse to implement 20mph limits by schools despite research showing that 20mph speed limits can reduce the number of road casualties by more than 40 per cent, while having little effect on the flow of traffic.

Tory councillors’ attitude to road safety is to wait until the ‘killed and seriously injured’ statistics are high enough.

Marie is fighting for safe crossings on all dangerous roads including  Eden Park Avenue, Upper Elmers End Road and Wickham Road with traffic calming on these and all roads by schools.


  1. Hold street cleaning contractors to account – do the job they are paid to do


Marie is opposed to the sell off of council services to contractors. These contracts are often not enforced. Contractors often do not do the job you, as council tax payers, are paying them to do. There are too many cases in Kelsey and Eden Park where streets are not cleaned properly or missed out altogether.  Shockingly, Tory councillors lost the council’s copy of the £300m contract for emptying the bins and were so bad at managing the contract that the council has lost more than £1.4m of our money through incorrect invoicing. Marie will hold your street cleaning contractors to account and ensure they do the job you pay them to do.


Remember, only Labour can beat the Tories in Kelsey & Eden Park. So Vote Labour on the 29th.