School Cuts Alive and Kicking

Beckenham Labour


Class sizes are rising, schools are cutting back on the curriculum and parents and teachers are paying for classroom essentials out of their own pockets.

During our Schools Cuts Campaign in May, we took the facts to parents in every primary school in the constituency. Despite government rhetoric, the cuts have not gone away. The General Election results showed that locally and nationally, parents are not prepared to accept this gambling with their children’s education. There has been a ‘smoke and mirrors’ attempt by Education Secretary, Justine Greening, to say that education funding has now increased and schools are no longer threatened. The truth is that money has been cut from other parts of the education budget to cover some of the schools budget – robbing Peter to pay Paul. Justine Greening’s new education spending plans have failed all five tests:

  • Reversal of schools cuts
  • New Treasury money
  • For all ages and all needs
  • A five year guarantee
  • Underfunding addressed

Find out how your school is affected

On 24th October, there will be a mass lobby of Parliament to tell MPs that we expect them to get the funding that schools deserve. Please email your MP and ask them to support this issue.

Let’s get this right for our children and the future of this country.