How Polluted is your Child’s School?

Last year, The Guardian published details of the air pollution readings at more than 800 schools, nurseries and colleges across London. Beckenham Labour has gone through this data and compiled a league table for the Borough of Bromley. Below you can see a list of all the educational establishments covered by the research and their nitrogen dioxide levels.

The EU legal limit is 40µg/m3 (40 micrograms per cubic metre of air). As you can see, several schools are dangerously close to this legal limit.

All of the Labour’s council candidates in Beckenham are fighting hard for tougher action on air pollution. Labour actively supports measures to improve air quality for you and your family.

The table is sorted by most polluted educational establishment first:

The Tories will try and tell you that as all of these readings are within the legal limit, they are ‘safe’.

However recent research shows that safe levels of air pollution could still be harmful.