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Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party1 month ago
Tell the Tory Government to keep free travel for Under 18s in London.

We’re calling on the Conservative Government to save the Under 18s bus pass. If you stand with us, add your name ⬇️

Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party1 month ago
Happy birthday NHS 🎉 💙
Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party2 months ago
Beckenham Constituency Labour Party condemns the brutal killing by police of Black people in the US and supports the Black Lives Matter movement internationally.

The UK is not immune to the scourge of racism and violent acts by the police against Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people. It has always been here.

We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and call on all people who have been appalled by what they have seen to support the movement.

Read more here: https://www.beckenham-labour.co.uk/news_item/black-lives-matter/
Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party3 months ago
Millions of you up and down the country have sacrificed contact with loved ones to protect our NHS. Cummings' actions suggest it's one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

It's been quite something seeing the lockdown rulebook being retrospectively rewritten by the PM and his cheerleaders over the last few days.

Britain deserves better.

Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party3 months ago
Cllr Wilkins, Bromley Labour Group Leader has voiced concerns a new stripped-back calender of council meetings could jeopardise public input and scrutiny of council business.

Wilkins said that the calender “seems to me to be closing down democracy further”

What do local residents think?

Beckenham Labour Party
Beckenham Labour Party5 months ago
We've compiled some resources to help you get both health and community assistance. If you or anyone you know needs help reaching the right people, please do get in touch.

The Labour Party has a proud tradition of acting together as a community, particularly during times of difficulty. This is no different.



8 hours ago
I’ve contacted @DawnButlerBrent, as it is vital concerns about stop and search are listened to, whoever they are raised by. It is right that a senior officer has been in touch to discuss the mistakes made. The vile abuse Dawn has recieved on social media is totally unacceptable.
2 days ago
Next year’s local elections are really important. If you are interested in standing to @beacouncillor join one of the @LabourCllrs webinars - I look forward to joining @AngelaRayner to help recruit more women to stand to be Councillors https://t.co/t0sVCihrF3 https://t.co/P85QvcpTh5
3 days ago
The pandemic has exacerbated long-standing inequalities and the government must tackle this head on.

It's an honour to be working alongside Doreen on this.
4 days ago
This is....some brass neck from a woman who voted repeatedly to remove over 20,000 police officers from our streets

5 days ago
Robin Cook was a great Labour MP, Foreign Secretary and humanitarian. Today, 15 years on from his death, we remember him. https://t.co/HIU8OBZLZw BeckenhamLabour photo
5 days ago
The Conservative Government allowed the PPE stockpile to run down & then bought 50 million unusable masks from an offshore finance company with no history of providing NHS equipment. Our health workers were not fully protected. Tragically lives were lost. https://t.co/I7AGVhukdU