Voter id = Voter suppression

Why should Labour supporters vote by post? The Conservative Government has recently passed the Elections Act 2022. This will require voters to produce the correct photographic identification at the polling station. If you are unable to do so, you will not be able to vote. For more information, see this House of Commons Library briefing […]

Jess Phillips makes an inspiring visit to Beckenham

Beckenham Labour Party were delighted to welcome Jess Phillips to our Winter 2022 fundraising dinner.

She reminding us all of how much Labour has been able to achieve in government and the positive benefits that a future Labour government could bring us.

Bromley’s wasted resource – 300 empty homes

Bromley is the last local authority in London not to charge the empty homes premium on council tax.

Bromley council spends £ millions each year on temporary accommodation. It rehouses homeless households as far away as Canterbury and Birmingham.

Standing with Ukraine

Ukraine Flag

We unreservedly condemn the Putin regime’s invasion of Ukraine and stand in full solidarity with Ukrainians resisting the invasion.

Black Lives Matter

Beckenham Constituency Labour Party condemns the brutal killing by police of Black people in the US and supports the Black Lives Matter movement internationally.