Woman Life Freedom – the Iranian uprising

Razgar Alani, the UK Representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, addressed a packed meeting of Beckenham Labour Party on the developing revolution in Iran.

He told us that the latest brave attempt to take back control of his country began with the murder on September 13 of a 22-year old Kurdish woman from the city of Saqez.

Jina (Mahsa) Amini, was beaten to death by the so-called morality police in Tehran after being accused of not wearing the Hijab

The tragic death of this innocent woman has triggered a wave of unrest and demonstrations in Kurdish areas and more than a hundred cities including the capital, Tehran. Many have been killed by the regime and those who are injured cannot even use hospitals where they would be arrested.

He told us that his party’s vision for Iran is a secular and federal democracy in which the rule of law is upheld, and Iran’s various national communities enjoy regional rights.

Iran should be at peace with its neighbours in the Middle East and have constructive relations with democracies around the world.

The UK government should place political pressure on the Tehran regime to stop its violent repression in Kurdistan and Iran. The UK government and people should listen to the views of the Kurdish and Iranian Opposition and help unite them. He added that we also need access to the internet so we can amplify our experience.

Success for the democratic struggle against decay and tyranny in Iran, he said, will be a success for democrats everywhere.